Rebecca Howard 

Events, Film, Design

Customer Testimonials

“Rebecca is a true ROCK STAR Brand Ambassador! Her passion for the promotional industry emanates in everything she does. She is constantly exceeding our expectations, ready to jump on board and always a team player.” – Stephanie / Hype

“Just talking with Rebecca on the phone, she always is full of energy and excitement! It’s always a pleasure having her on board for events representing our clients’ brands.” – Catherine / Hype

“Rebecca is genuine, happy and hardworking; she also understands this industry and what clients & agencies are looking for. These qualities alone (and she has many other GREAT ones!!) put her at the top of my list.” – Ryane / Hype

 "I just wanted to call out Rebecca Howard for doing an absolutely phenomenal job at the event. She was active, engaging, on-point with the messaging, and did a great job of drawing people in and talking to them about the product. She would definitely be our go-to choice if we ever did a similar event again, and we actually recommended her to some other teams in the office if they ever need a street team for a client event. Great work by her and just wanted to highlight that she went above and beyond for the event."

- Vantage Advertising /

"Rebecca is an extremely hard working tenacious actress, with great energy and an infectious sense of humor.
She excels at period hair and makeup and always looks fantastic on the red carpet!"

- Deborah Rombaut - Actor 


"Rebecca is a talented Actor and Writer and always has a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish with her projects. Always a pleasure to collaborate with."

- David Hoffman - Key Grip / Lighting

We would recommend all three models used for shows again in the future, with a special shout out to Rebecca as she was extremely interactive, out going, and engaged with everyone she spoke with. All three were very friendly and engaging to booth visitors and made all fill welcomed to view products that were being displayed.
- Vantage Advertising - Tamrac/Guru Gear

"Rebecca is a fast learner. It was a pleasure teaching/studying with her. Once she puts her mind to it, she can accomplish anything."
                                                                              - Adelyn Ortlieb - Property Management

- Adelyn Ortlieb -  Property Manager