Rebecca Howard 

Events, Film, Design

In the vast world of EMCEE and Hosting I can be characterized as professional, graceful, and helpful... all the way to witty, unexpected... and even crass when appropriate. I have a unique ability to gage a crowd and meet them right where they are in order to promote my cause/ brand and to ensure everyone has a time they wont soon forget. 


Cycle For Survival:

I am so proud to say I was a part of this life changing event! What an incredible ride (pun intended). I was an EMCEE for the 2015 ride in NYC. This event is a cycle meets dance party... meets an unbelievable cause! I hope to be a part of this event for years to come! Chack it out, become a part! 


I was an EMCEE and host to promote the Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer. This activation was an intensive two week promotion held at only 5 Costcos in the North East. We were expected to engage customers bringing them into the footprint to show them how much more one can make with the mixer, and its many accessories. Though this promotion was heavily sales based the overall idea was to introduce people to who Kitchenaid is as a brand!

Reed Customer Xpert:

I work with Reed Conventions in Coordination with Freemen at to enhance the exhibitors overall experience. I troubleshoot problems, take customer comments, and answer any question that a booth might have over the course of a show. 

Women in The World / Toyota:

I was a host at this unbelievable event! My task was to book our Toyota media room for people who would like to give interview or create their vlog on the spot. I also had the pleasure of helping invited guests get settled into the room as they awaited their personal interviews. 

Pink Masquerade:

This crazy 6 month commitment was life changing! Not only was I the EMCEE and performer, but also the operating supervisor managing a team of over 50.


I was a host of this exclusive event being held at the Aria during the Consumer Electronic Show. My responsibilities were to welcome our high-profile guests, and show them around the showroom floor. I had the pleasure of learning about some amazing products and show them off to major buyers. 

Schick Razor:

I was an EMCC for this fabulous family friendly event! I pulled in guests and ran a spin-the-wheel game bringing brand awareness and also facilitating a good time to be had by all! 

Just Dance 3:

I was an EMCEE for this super fun event! It was held in an outdoor mall for Black Friday. We had a huge stage and Just Dance 3 set up and ready to play! My job was to pull people up to the stage and get them to play the game... encouraging them to do their best to win fabulous prizes!

Tea's Tea:

I was one of two hosts at the Fancy Foods Show. Our responsibility was to bring people into the booth and introduce them to everything Tea's Tea. 

Aruba Networks:

I was a host for their national conference in Las Vegas. I worked with a team responsible for registration, organization, and customer service. We had the pleasure of meeting all the employees and socializing with them during the conference and at their social events. 


I was an EMCEE for their fabulous holiday event! My goal was to bring people in the store during the height of Christmas traffic!


Convention and hosting at different events, both set up, guest interaction, system knowledge

Costumed Characters:

I ran birthday parties and events as costumed characters... IE: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Jedi, Fairy, Tinker belle, Rapunzel, Clown, Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Barbie, Marilyn, Pirate

Specialized Sports:

I was a host conducting the raffle, product placement, sales, and overall customer service.